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8 Signs that your Roommate is actually your Best Friend

From the end of your senior year in high school to move in day, you get all kinds of unsolicited advice from everyone you encounter once they find out you’re about to be a freshman in college. Don’t do this, make sure to bring this, and then of course some sort of horror story about their awful freshman year roommate. Yet, there are almost just as many stories about how their freshman roommate ended up being their best friend. If you’re thinking that you’re part of the latter group, you might be able to relate these 8 signs that your facebook-found-roommate just might actually be one of your closest friends: 

1-When one of you has a bomb outfit on, the other makes sure they know they are lookin like 100 bucks

2- You already know each others coffee orders 

3- If she leaves before you wake up in the morning, there’s an encouraging note on the dry erase board

4- When you walk into the room really upset, she pauses her Netflix to listen to your rant 


5- You’ll make sure that she takes food breaks in between many hours of studying 

6- When “hey let me show you this song” turns into a 30 min dance party in your pajamas because you found all your 2000’s jams 

7- She makes sure you have your coffee before you leave in the mornings 

8- You can both cry over different grey’s episodes at the same time and its not even weird 

Sound familiar? Tag your roomie in the comments to make sure they know just how much they mean to you!! 

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