7 Ways to Avoid Social Media This Week

It's been a dramatic week for America. We successfully shut down Canada's immigrations website, and that takes commitment. No matter who you were rooting for in the 2016 Presidential Election, I think we are all equally sick of every social media feed. Facebook and Twitter are filled with nothing but rants that typically all start out with "I don't usually post statuses but..." And instagram is a random combination of Wine, Trump, Clinton, Beyonce, and Obama along with a few pictures of dogs. But there are a few things that can be more productive than mindlessly scrolling through your feed trying to ignore everyone's opinions:


Panda Cam Did you know there’s a website that allows you to watch panda’s hanging out live?? Well now you do. You’re welcome. So much more entertaining and less stressful than reading the rants of all your friends and how their disappointed in all your other friends.


Everything is Terrible everythingisterrible.com is a website dedicated to finding the most awkward, outrageous, and terrible videos on the internet. The randomness of this site is so much more exciting than the rants the are appearing on your Facebook feed every 5 minutes.

Cat Photos I actually did this with my professor for an hour today in class, just because everyone was in a weird mood. Whether or not you’re a Trump supporter, the uncertainty of our country is still up in the air. Social media is just so much hostile anxiety right now and funny cat photos are so entertaining. This 35 minute long song on 100 ways to love a cat might be more productive than 35 minutes on twitter.

The Ring Test Before all the hoopla, the ring test was making a huge internet breakthrough. Wanna know how many children you’ll have and their sexes in order?? This is a perfect test for you. Facebook especially was freaking out about this test and it’s accuracy, mothers everywhere who are done having kids are continuously shocked by the exact order and number of kids they've had to be reflected in this test. It makes those of us who haven’t had kids want to believe our predictions! Here’s how it works.

Begin your Countdown to Christmas Um hello… 42 days until Christmas?! Get your eggnog ready and go ahead and memorize ABC Family’s (Or Freeform whatever that is) list for this year! So much more fun than reading which celebrities are moving to Canada.

Commit to a New Netflix Series Preferably one with 8 or 9 seasons that’ll keep you busy for the next 8-12 weeks. Such as Dexter, Gossip Girl, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, The Vampire Diaries and Mad Men or even better... House of Cards.

Sleep for the Next 4 Years Honestly either outcome to this election was a dangerous one. Sleeping for the next 4 years might be our safest bet. I think if the nation all took a really good nap, then America would definitely be great again.