7 Signs it's Never too Early for Christmas

We all have that friend who listens to Chrismas music year around and starts their countdown to Christmas before you've even planned what you're going to be for Halloween. Yeah well, I'm that friend. And I can personally say that it's never too early for Christmas. And since Thanksgiving is officially over, the rest of the world officially agrees with me too.


1. Christmas Tree Farms are Up

Christmas trees are available for purchase before your Thanksgiving dinner is even planned out and paid for. Right near your local Food Lion or Harris Teeter we can all see the beautiful green trees just waiting to be strapped to our cars. Or more accurately, we can all see the perfect little Charlie Brown Tree that is more likely to be found in our college apartments.  

2. Decorating

Turkey and leftovers are in the fridge so of course it is perfectly acceptable to get those stockings out and hang them by the chimney with care, if you haven’t all ready. I know there are so many out there who were too eager to wait until after thanksgiving. Wreaths on every window and your car already has it’s red nose and antlers.

3. Thanksgiving

Wait what about Thanksgiving? Isn't that just Pre-Christmas?

4. Countdown to 25 of Christmas

ABC Family already knows how our mind works and has been playing movies all month to prepare us for back to back showings of Elf and classic claymations like Santa Clause is Coming to Town and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer… Ive already got my hot coco ready.

5. Lifetime

Christmas in Conway has already popped up on my TV guide this year. Lifetime knows whats up. They know it’s never too early for Christmas Movies, no matter how cheesy they are.

6. Commercials

The morning of Thanksgiving all the Christmas commercials had already begun, you know its the holiday season when you see that first commercial for Ghirardelli Peppermint bark. Makes me want to go to the store now and stock up on enough to get me through to next christmas.

7. Starbucks Holiday Cups

Which were definitely released after Halloween but who’s counting? They are beautifully diverse this year and make getting coffee so much more fun. But it is disappointing when their prices have gone up on seasonal flavors and you end up paying $6 for a grande peppermint mocha… Tis the season.