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5 Things ECU Students Were Doing During Hurricane Matthew

It’s not news anymore that Pirate Nation is undergoing some harsh waters. And Her Campus extends prayers and hopes for safety for our community, alumni and fellow students both in NC and those who left for fall break before all the chaos. For some of us who aren’t affected it’s all a bit surreal, but we hope that as things begin to calm down that we can manage to make light of the situation, hoist our colors high, and come back stronger. I know that those who have been stranded here have been trying to do just that:


Here’s an official thank you to ECU for extending our beautiful fall break, even though the reasons were definitely unfortunate. It allowed for those of us who have been struggling through midterms to catch up on our sleep. Waiting out the storm in the comfort of our bed, whether it be in Greenville or back at your hometown, wasn’t a horrible place to be in the midst of chaos.


A shout out to those of you who live in Riverwalk, have you seen your new beautiful lakefront view? Thoughts are extended to those who had to evacuate their homes.

Binge Watching

If you’re like me and are lucky enough not to be in an effected area, but still feel like you’re confined to Greenville because of the road damages, then Netflix has been your A-1 for 5 days now. Who knew someone could watch their entire “My list” selections in a weekend?


Ah special condolences for you overachievers who have been productive during this struggle for Greenville. Increasing the struggle by focusing on school work had to of been hard… I’m talking to you nursing majors. Congrats to all the newest additions to the Nursing School who got some good news this week!


I think this is what the bulk of ECU students have been doing, we are always looking for an excuse to be drinking. Sup Dogs and multiple bars remain open despite the craziness, and the weather has been kinda beautiful ever since the rain, perfect porching conditions. Snapchat has been over ruled by you “brave souls” who went canoeing in Riverwalk. I applaud you.

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