The 5 Best Secrets to Adulting

It's no secret that college has definitely put our life skills and decision making to the test. We all have quickly learned that adulting is hard and constantly challenges our patience and our sanity.  But there are a few secrets that will help us all get through it together.

1.Caffeine The longer we spend in college and the longer we spend stressing about life, the more we become 100% reliant on coffee. The line at dowdy Starbucks does not lie. Lorelei Gilmore has become my spirit animal and I can’t survive the day without a cup of coffee in the morning. The extra boost of energy is sometimes the only way we can even face the responsibilities of adulting.

2. Naps If power napping was an olympic sport I would absolutely win gold… Every 10 or 15 minutes I get a break I find myself squeezing in a nap.

3. Treat Yo Self Yeah yeah counting calories and all that shit, but we are only human and sometimes we work really hard in school and our jobs and everything else that makes adulting difficult and ice cream is the best answer.

4. Child-Like Mind Disney movies and throw back TV shows are a great secret for dealing with the struggles of adulting. Sometimes flashing back to the good old days helps you appreciate a simpler time and also makes you depressed about how hard adulting is… Bitter sweet.

5. Pretending The most important secret to making it through adulting is to constantly pretend like you know what you’re doing. No matter how uncomfortable, stressed out or unsure you are about life or your decisions, just own it. Pretend everything you do is on purpose and just pretend you always know what you’re doing. And google. Google is your personal guide to adulting.