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4 Things to Help You Save Money on Valentines Day

Okay, so almost all of my friends are in some sort of relationship. Some of their relationships are complicated, and some are not so complicated, but they all have one thing in common. They will all be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Lately we’ve all been talking about things that they can do for their significant others that won’t break the bank. So here are some of the ideas we’ve come up with that maybe you and your honey can use!

1. $5 Valentine

While everyone wishes they could buy their SO everything they want, it’s just not a reality when in college. We came up with the idea of $5 Valentine while perusing the Holy Land (dollar section at Target). They have so many cute little knick-knacky things that would make an adorable and memorable gift!

2. DIY all the things

Home cooked meal, hand made card, a craft of any variety: all of these things would be extra special and super sweet, and would keep you from spending all of your moneys on something frivolous.

3. Group date

Okay, now hear me out. I’m sure you have friends that are also poor and in relationships. Why not see if they want to go halfsies on a nice dinner for their SO with you? Or maybe you can have a couples game night, literally anything would work! You would also have the added bonus of hanging out with you friends which is honestly always a great time!

4. A picnic

I love picnics, and feel like they’re underappreciated. They are sweet and simple, and if the weather is nice they are literally ideal dates. It’s thoughtful and it’s super romantic!

I hope these things help you keep from breaking the bank this Valentines Day!

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