3 Places to Buy Bikinis Now That Victoria's Secret is Out

Dear Victoria's Secret,

I am replacing you. You have treated me well since I awkwardly entered your doors with my mom in middle school, but you have let me down. Spring Break and summer beach trips just got a whole lot more difficult because you up and dropped your swim line for women. As cute as your Pink Brand bikinis are, you cut them off at 36DD and that just doesn't work for me. Do you really think this is the largest size that girls who want your bikinis would wear? There are plenty of young women who are a DDD by the time they are a junior in high school. And you have just made our lives a lot more difficult. I have bathing suits that I bought from Victoria's Secret over 5 years ago that still look brand new, and I will continue to wear them until the straps fray and the bottoms are worn out. But you have seriously let me down, and I have been doing research to find your replacement for those of us who are in the DD or higher club. Here are my top contenders:

1. Aerie

Not only does Aerie use real women and normal sized models for their advertising, they also carry all sizes. Their suits are cute and affordable and totally worth it. The quality is just as high as those sold by Pink and VS.

2. Revolve

Although these suits are made for an older crowd, there are some really cute finds and they are also really well made. The sizes are all inclusive and come in a variety of styles. Prices range and special suits can cost a fortune, but their more affordable ones are still really cute.

3. Target

Good old Target has officially started selling suits with cup sizes in stores. They were often available online, but they definitely seem to be expanding their options and picking up the slack VS left behind. Target was always a store I would love buy bathing suits from, and I think they are definitely going to become my go to.