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10 Signs Your Dog is Part of the Family

Being the youngest child for 16 years was pretty awesome. After I turned 16 though, I got a new brother. My younger brother’s name is Murdoc, and for the record we didn’t name him… he came like that.

Murdoc was 2 years old when we got him. I knew he was going to be the annoying little brother I always wanted the second that we got in the car to drive home from picking him up. He wanted to sit on Grandpa’s lap in the front seat, and then he tried to climb out the window to say hi to a stranger. Even though he’s annoying sometimes, like most little brothers, I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Here are 10 things that happen when your dog becomes part of your family.

1. They have a spot on the couch

If your family is anything like mine, then at night when you’re watching TV together everyone has a spot that is claimed their own on the couch. This also means that your dog has a spot. If someone is in dogs spot, dog sits on top of humans lap. Laying on the floor is not a thing when you’re part of the family.

2. Christmas presents

One of the best parts about Christmas morning is getting to open stockings, and Murdoc gets to join in on the fun too. He has a stocking with his name on it, and he often gets presents under the tree in addition to his stocking goodies. And wait, it doesn’t stop there… he gets presents from grandma, and presents from sister’s boyfriend, and from his friends across the street.

3. They’ve got friends

Murdoc is arguably the most popular 5 year old on the block. Every night he goes out for his walk and he stops to say hello to everyone who is outside. When I come home from college, I’m referred to as “Murdoc’s sister” by all of his friends, and they even draw pictures of them and him that hang on our fridge.

4. Clothing

I was never a fan of dressing up dogs, until we got Murdoc… the first time he went walking in the cold my dad noticed he was shivering. He then got his first jacket… now he has multiple jackets for different occasions, and he even gets dressed up on Halloween.

5. You  argue with them

Like I said before, Murdoc is like the annoying little brother I always wanted. He’s always in a dispute with someone. Whether it’s grandma because she accidentally stepped on his tail or brother because he’s taking up the whole bed, he tends to cause trouble.

6.They’re included in trip planning

Murdoc likes to hang with grandma and grandpa during the day because everyone else is at work. But grandma and grandpa like to go on vacation. We always make sure someone keeps him company no matter where we go or what we do. He’s a top priority.

7. They’re your background

Everyone in the family has him set as our background on our phones and we proudly show him off as a young mother would her new born child.

8. Christmas cards

His name is included in the signing of all cards, because after all he is one of the siblings too

9. Resemblance

People say that dogs often look like there owners. Murdoc is no exception to this rule. He’s a black haired, stocky, lovable kid and he fits right in with the rest of the family.

10. He lives like a king

He gets the couch, the coolest new stuff, endless love, lots of cookies and pretty much anything my dad can find online that would make him happy. He’s part of the family, and is more spoiled than I am.

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