10 Reasons Why It's Great to Be a Tour Guide On Campus

When chosing colleges many of us wanted to see what the campus looked like. For me I schduled several campus tours over spring break my junior year of high school. Many other high school students do the same. After all it is a tough decision, and it is important to see where one could potentially be living the next four years. But who are the unsung heros of the decision making process of choosing a college........ the campus tour guides.  The greatest job I have had at my university has been sharing my love for ECU by showing potential students the campus.  Here are some reasons why I love being a pirate navigator so much. 

1.) Telling horrible pirate jokes- There is nothing like cracking some corny pirate jokes. 'What did the ocean say to the pirate'? Drum roll please. 'Nothing it just waved'. And of course every time we pass by the geology building I have to say, "this building rocks". The parents usually chuckle a little bit, but I find it extremly hilarious.

  2.) Wearing the "oh so glamourous" purple polo and kakis. Walking around campus in my kakis, purple polo, and name tag makes me feel ECU official. You could not feel like a true tour guide without your uniform on, and whenever you wear it everyone knows that have the incredible job of being a pirate navigator. 

3.) Bragging about how amazing East Carolina is! You have so much school spirit for East Carolina, and no matter what anyone says you know it is truly the best univiersity. It's not hard to brag about ECU, it is basically like just telling the truth. 

4.) Meeting alumni who talk about how the campus used to look.  I love it when I meet parents who talk about what ECU used to be like. Or when they don't recognize buildings anymore. I look forward to coming back in twenty years to see how the campus has changed. 

5.) You now know every building on campus and the history behind it. You probably know the artechture and history about buildings all over campus. I know when alost all the buildings were built, why they were built, and what they house. I makes me feel connected to the deeper history and orignial vision of ECU. 

6.) When strangers ask where building are on campus you can direct them with ease. It can be difficiult navigating around campus. People stop me all the time asking where building are. Thankfully because of my tour training I know where how to direct others with ease. 

7.) You love your fellow tour guides. You have developed great friendships with other tour guides. Through crazy families, those random students who shout profanity at your group, or going to the wrong room for the information session the other tour guides have your back. They probably have the same friendly ECU-loving personality that usually fits a tour guide persona perfectly. 

8.) You know how to answer random questions about your university. There are so many random places on campus you probably know where they are now. I know where our cadaver lab, virtual archery center, and golden corral kitchen with free samples on Wednedays are. There are so many randoms facts about ECU, but only you as the tour guide that you are know about most of them. 

9.) Meeting new people- You have probably met hundreds of people. On open house day, admitted students day, or during a special tour day there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of potential students who visit our campus. 

10.) You get to be the first bright and shining face that future students will see. At the end of the day you love your job because you are the first vision of East Carolina poential students will see. It is really rewarding having students who reconize you as their tour guide the following year. I hope that my love for East Carolina shines through every tour I give.