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Oh no… Flo! Where to Find Menstrual Products on Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ECSU chapter.

What is worse than that uncomfortable feeling that leads you to remember it’s that time of the month? It would definitely be the next realization that you are out of all your sanitary pads and tampons. And to turn the situation Rated – R for horror … you realize you either cannot afford to buy more or afford to skip your next class to buy more.

This is what is known as Menstrual inequality. Menstrual equity is the right to affordable, and accessible menstrual products. However, unfortunately, for us – sanitary pads and tampons are deemed “Luxuries” although not a single side effect that comes with menstruating could be considered luxurious. In fact, they could be considered unpleasant, and irksome. Women are furthermore left at a disadvantage because we are more likely to miss class time on account of our monthly visit. The issues surrounding menstrual equity are being addressed by various organizations and government entities.

In the meantime, while we wait for what is due… one place around campus we can find sanitary pads and tampons is the Women’s center in the Student Center! This office is located on the first floor of the Student Center and is part of the Arthur L. Johnson Unity Wing. Their office is found around the corner, and to the left of the CAB office as well as the Pride Center. Other services of the Women’s Center include their efforts in community partnerships, crisis services, and their resources which are all designed to “effectively champion gender equity and combat gender-based violence”. When you make your visit, consider leaving sanitary napkins if you know you’re all stocked up. Pay it forward :)

Eastern’s Women Center via Instagram
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