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Volcanoes, a Dangerous Living Situation

Volcanoes, a Dangerous Living Situation


Hawaii still has active volcanoes on the islands, and some are proving more active than others.  People are drawn to live in Hawaii with its gorgeous landscapes, seascapes, and fertile soil from the volcanoes; however, living close to volcanoes can prove to be a dangerous living situation.

The Kilauea volcano began erupting in 1983.  In June, 2014 the flow was at a slow pace of five to 30 yards in one hour.  At that present time, Kilauea did not pose a threat to residents, however, officials did warn them of the situation that way if they needed to evacuate they could.  In September, the officials did say there would be a possible evacuation.  Just this past week on Wednesday, October 29, residents have been told to evacuate their homes.

If you could live in a place like Hawaii, would you live there? Would the presence of a volcano worry you, or deter you from living there, or would the fact that you are simply living in Hawaii outweigh all the negatives?  Let us know what you think! 

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