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Twins: Adria and Claire

Double Feature of Campus Celebriries: Adria and Claire Engelhard
Adria Engelhard (right)
Major: Environmental Studies
Class: Senior
Relationship Status: in a relationship
Hometown: Vashon Island, Washington
Claire Engelhard (left)
Major: Anthropology and Spanish
Class: Senior
Relationship Status: Single
Hometown: Vashon Island, WA

You have probably seen these two around campus and double taked to figure out that they are twins. Adria and Claire are from Vashon Island, Washington and both decide to come to Eckerd College. Seeings twins at the same college is pretty rare (I am a twin myself and I chose to go to school across the country from my twin). They both love being at the same school as eachother because they have their other half around all the time. Adria and Claire are really close so it would be really strange for them if they were seperated. Adria says “I think we both like being here together. Its pretty great being a twin and going to the same college. The only thing that is not so great is when people get us mistaken for one another”. Claire’s answer was “It is funny when people see us and realize we are twins. They get a real kick out of it. We don’t really know how to react because we are used to it”. You would think that twins would get bored of being around eachother all the time and separate but that is obviously not the case with Adria and Claire, they seem like best friends more than just sisters. 

They both came to Eckerd because they didn’t want to seperate from eachother but also Eckerd gave the best financial aid option out of the other schools they applied to and they both really liked what Eckerd College had to offer. Adria believes she was drawn to Eckerd because of how small of a school it is and that it was quite similar to her school back in Washington. Also the availablity to professors and small class size was a key part to coming. Claire feels as if Eckerd allowed her to finally find herself as a individual and also she was able to learn how to be comfortable outside of her comfort zone. They both agree that Eckerd gave them an opportunity to meet new people from across the country and the world.

Claire and Adria are both excited for graduation so that they can go ahead and explore their new life outside of college. Claire is hoping to move back to Washington with her best friend and hopefully find a job related to working with kids, enter the Peace Corps and travel once she saves up her money. Adria is hoping to move to Atlanta with her boyfriend and try to find a job related to marine mammal protection because animals are her passion. She hopes to possibly work at the Georgia Aquarium.

They both used to play rugby for the EC Sirens and really enjoyed it alot. Adria volunteers at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, does yoga, and volunteers at Sanderlin Elementary, while Claire was apart of the dance team and has been a work scholar for the office of Student Affairs. Claire and Adria are opposites when it comes to carreer interests but have other similarities which they have commented on below. 

Are you similar or polar opposites to one another?

“We are definitely similar. We like a lot of the same things. But we also have our differences, which are what make us individuals. We have always had separate friends, for the most part. However, we both enjoy hanging out with each others friends sometimes. We also have different interests. Like we majored in different things and we are involved in different activities” – Adria. 

“Both. We are really similar in our opinions of things and mannerisms. We talk a lot alike too. However, our interests are very different. Our style is somewhat different too but I can find lots of things in Adria’s closet that I would wear and vice versa. We have always been different but not too different that we don’t get along. Its the perfect mix of similar and different” – Claire.

What will you miss most about Eckerd?

“I’m going to miss my friends. I’ve met some really amazing people here. If I had it my way, all my friends would come back to Seattle with me. I owe a lot of my self discovery to them. They have taught me a lot and opened up my mind to many different things” – Claire.

“I think what I will miss most about Eckerd is the amazing times I have had here with my friends and my sister and my boyfriend. Just having a great time on a Saturday or sunday enjoying the fabulous weather. Sunny warm weather is one of my favorite things, and spending it with the people I love is the best thing in the world” – Adria.

Their advice to freshman and incoming freshman is to try new things and make your self available to meet a great group of friends. Also go to class, it may be hard to get to your 8:20am but just showing up can boost your grade up when your not doing as well! Both of them wish they were able to get more involved on campus and encourage others to take advantage of what is offered on campus before its too late. 

You may still get them confused from time to time, but these twins have come all the way to senior year together and can still say they are best friends through it all. We wish you girls both the best of luck after graduation!! 

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