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Thanksgiving Plans

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to focus on the next big holiday, Thanksgiving! Whether or not you’re able to spend time with your family this Thanksgiving I have some suggestions for you. 

If you’re able to go home:Be sure to book your flight early and double check your syllabi! Since we don’t have classes on Wednesday this year, many students are booking flights home for Tuesday or even Monday night. Before you book an early flight, make sure to check with your professor that you don’t have an exam or big assignment due right before Thanksgiving. With finals coming up so quickly after the break you may not be able to make-up what you miss. 

If your family is visiting you at school:

Look into the Thanksgiving dinner held on campus. This year, the annual Thanksgiving Feast will be held at 4 pm in Fox Hall on Thanksgiving. Students can use their meal swipes and tickets can be purchased for $8 for those who are not on the meal plan (including guests). This is a great option for visitors because if your family is staying in a hotel, there is no way they could cook a full Thanksgiving meal. 

If you’re staying on campus:

Use the free time to relax and rejuvenate before finals week. Treat yourself to a whole pumpkin pie and some Netflix and if the weather is nice, lay out. This year we have a full 5 days off! Make use of this time before finals to chill before the craziness of finals week begins. Walk around downtown St. Pete or go to St. Pete beach and snapchat all your friends who are up North. How many other people can say that their school looks like this on Thanksgiving Day? 

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