Molly Hurd

Molly Hurd


Molly Hurd, a sophomore here at Eckerd, is becoming a big name on campus.  She seems to be involved in every club, and she is pursuing an ambitious academic schedule.  As a double Psychology and Visual Arts major with an Anthropology minor, Molly is quite busy.  She is also the Publicity Director for the Tritons and the Public Relations/ Publicity Director for the EC Psychology Club.  Her involvement on campus is getting noticed.


            As the Publicity Director for the Tritones, Molly is in charge of all the social media advertisement.  She joined the club freshman year.  She tells me that she “was super pumped to hear there was a cappella group [at college] and has loved being in it for the past two years.”  Her favorite memory thus far with the group was their recent showcase.  Molly was amazed to see how the Eckerd Community responded really well to the group.  She also enjoys “when we have been working on a song for a while and it finally clicks.”  When this happens Molly recalls how “there is just this moment where we all have to make sure we keep singing our right parts because we are all smiling so much.” 


            The Psychology Club at Eckerd is new this year.  Molly was one of the first people to start the club.  Over the summer she received an email from Miranda (Professor Goodman-Wilson) stating how Mark Davis had recommended Molly for a position in the club.  Since she has a passion for Psychology and wanted more opportunities to learn about the field, she agreed to get involved.  She believes that the club is finally starting to pick up, and she cannot wait to see how it progresses in the future.

             When Molly is not involved with Tritones or the Psychology Club, she can be found volunteering at the Big Cat Rescue, binge watching Netflix documentaries, or reading/working on art outside.  Molly also tells me that she is an excellent napper and admits to napping every once in a while.


            Molly is becoming a rising star on Eckerd’s campus.  Her involvement in the Eckerd community is allowing her to become well-known.  It is a good thing she has two more years left because the Eckerd community is not ready to let her go yet!