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Lucrative Summer Jobs: A Collegiette’s™ Guide To Making Bank

Minimum wage. A full chicken suit. Lemonade stand, only 25 cents a glass. You, my ambitious collegiette™, are beyond these. You’re an adult now, and you need a job that pays like one. It’ll be tough to wave goodbye to those enticing burger-flipping jobs with unlimited access to chicken nuggets and children’s plastic toys, but be strong and look past these. You can do better, and we’re here to open your eyes to the possibilities that bring in the green. Welcome to the Big Bucks Breakdown, beginning with the most lucrative summer jobs.

Pay: $8.55 – $19.35/hr.
Positives: Working with kids. Air conditioned. Ice cream trips. Movies.
Negatives: Not much interaction with anyone but children. Privileges depend on employing family.
Other: Can potentially make upwards of $300 in one weekend depending on how long the job is for and how much you’re being paid.
Office Clerk
Pay: $8.47 – $16.06/hr.
Overtime: $12.11 – $24.47/hr.
Positives: Air conditioned. Easy tasks. Exposure to the way an office functions.
Negatives: Menial tasks. Few people your age, if any.
Pay: $7.64 – $13.20/hr.
Overtime: $9.00 – $18.44/hr.
Positives: Air conditioning. Individual workspace. Flexible hours.
Negatives: Not much socialization with other workers. Customers irritated with your very job.
Pay: $7.38 – $12.60/hr.
Overtime: $8.36 – $20.69
Positives: Employee discounts. Job experience. Flexibility in hours.
Negatives: Mundane tasks (hanging clothes, stock inventory, etc.). Repetitive schedule.
Pay: $2.77 – $9.05/hr.
Tips: $2.43 – $16.55/hr.
Positives: Interaction with people. New situations with each customer. Flexible hours. Possible discount on meals
Negatives: Rude customers. Repetitive tasks. Low pay if no tips. Bottom of the food chain (HA food…).
Other: The appeal in this job comes primarily from tip potential. If you can keep your customer happy, there is almost no limit to what you can make in tips. According to Slate’s “Summer Lovin’” article by Avi Zenilman, a waiter/waitress can make “anywhere from $50 to $120” during a night shift.
Note: This position usually begins around minimum wage.
Pay: $7.03 – $11.86/hr.
Tips: $.29 – $5.18
Positives: Doesn’t usually require prior experience. Easy tasks. Interaction with customers.
Negatives: Repetitive tasks.
Other: Hostesses often don’t make tips or split tips with the busboys.
*Requires: Bartending courses
Pay: $5.12 – $11.66/hr.
Tips: $2.25 – $17.57/hr.
Positives: Interaction with customers. Exposure to night life. Free drinks.
Negatives: Working at night means off sleeping hours. Possible objectification.
Day Camp Counselor
Pay: $600 – $3000 total/8 weeks
Positives: Working with kids. Going to theme parks and on excursions.
Negatives: Working with kids. Hot weather. Few people your age except other counselors.
Now that you’ve got the facts, find a pen and get on those applications! A good place to start is Snagajob.com, a site that has an encompassing database of all hourly job postings near your location! All statistics regarding pay, tips, and overtime are according to PayScale.com

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