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A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Fashion

Now do not be fooled by the title- “lazy” does not mean that you just bum on the couch. To me “lazy” means that you are so busy with every other aspect of your life that, when it comes to fashion and getting ready, you cannot be bothered with attempting to match 8 different pieces of clothing and accessories. I have put together a foolproof closet and fashion guide to make those choices just a bit easier and have you out the door in no time!


Invest in Basics

You’re probably thinking, “I have basics, thats all i wear.” Basics does not mean an oversized t-shirt and running shorts. Every girl should have a plain black shirt (tee, cami, scoop neck, etc) and the same one in white. Be that girl that finds one shirt and buys every color the store has to offer- no judgement here!


Dark Denim is Your Friend

Everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe, but do they actually fit? Spend the money and the time finding that right cut and fit- and opt for the dark denim. If the jeans fit the way they should and the color is right, you can easily convert a look from day to night.


Black Leggings

Now I know I said this was supposed to be a guide for fashion, but leggings are your friend. Much like the dark denim, an opaque pair of black leggings can be dressed up or down. Leggings are the perfect pants for when you just can bare to do the skinny jeans jig and when its that time of the month and the bloating is out of control.


Rompers Will Make Your Life So much Easier

Rompers a lazy girls best friend. It is an entire outfit already put into one piece of clothing! Luckily, rompers are a huge trend right now and are perfect for the summer sea on. You can use them as a bathing suit cover up, a casual outfit for day trip, or you can even dress it up for a night out!


Go Bold with Accessories

Now that I have told you to invest in basics in every other piece of clothing to make your life easier, I’m sure you’re wondering, “Where’s the pizazz? Where’s the color? Where’s the fun?” Well, ladies, this is where your personality can shine! Accessories are what bring an outfit to life- choose a fun ring, a statement necklace, bold earrings, a chunky bracelet, or all of the above. Accessories can transform a look from day to night in a heartbeat and you have to put in minimal effort.


Now go out into the light and conquer the world of fashion and join the people that have their lives all together!

Reagan is a junior at Eckerd College who hopes to work in wildlife conservation ,and eventually become an environmental lawyer. She is majoring in Biology & Environmental Studies and minoring in Coastal Management and Sustainability. Some of her favorite things include hiking, spending time with her family, and any activity on the water.
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