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Latest Trends: Pastels

By: Brianna Hyatt

This year’s spring trend is transitioning into elegant pastels. YES! Pastels are in this season and some of these colors include shades of pink, blue, green, purple, and coral. Runway models are strutting this new color trend left and right. Pastels are the perfect colors for spring and Easter.

Combining pastel colors is not as hard as one might think. Most pastel colors, including the ones mentioned before, match very well with each other. It is even possible to wear a top and bottom piece of the same color without the outfit looking tacky or too overpowering. An example of rocking this new trend is wearing a tucked in pastel pink blouse with a pastel pink pencil skirt, and baby blue sandals.

 To make the combination interesting, having the top or bottom piece of clothing just a slight bit darker than the other can add a simple yet sophisticated pop to the outfit. Last but not least one needs accessories and a statement-making shoe to complete the outfit. The accessories and shoes are the fun part of any outfit! Accessories can add a little more splash of color and the shoes are the cherry on top making the last finalized statement to the outfit.

The pastel trend is also transitioning into make-up. Dark pastel colors seem to be more popular for night wear, while light pastel colors are more popular for afternoon and evening wear. The key to this lip wear is to make the lips look matte so the lip color looks more natural, but at the same time appears bold. In addition to the lips, foundation should be very natural and barely there looking so the lips pop more and don’t seem drowned out or overshadowed by heavy foundation.

This same concept also goes for the eyes. The trend in eyes this season is also to have very natural looking eyes with light pastel colored eye shadows. Less eye liner with big eyelashes adds to the overall natural look. Eye shadow that is slightly lighter than the skin tone can make the eyes look brighter and bigger. A trick to having a thicker eyelash line naturally is called tight lining. Simply take a brown or black pencil liner and delicately lift the top eye lid and line the inside of the eyelash line. It instantly makes the eyelash line look thicker and darker!

The natural eyes and the pastel matte lip look are ideal for a fresh and bright spring appearance that works great with pastel clothing. Elegant, fun, and sophisticated are what this new pastel trend brings to the world of fashion and I’m eager to see what trend with surface next!





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