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How to do Fall in Florida

For those of us that migrate from up North to come to Eckerd, we’re happy to give up snow and ice for the palm trees and dolphins, but fall is a hard trade-off to reconcile. The smells, the food, the clothes, the weather and the feeling. Fall just has a feeling. It’s hard to recreate that feeling in hot, humid, rainy Florida. For those of you up for the challenge, here are 8 ways to pretend it’s fall..even if you’re tanning on South Beach.

1. Dunkin Donuts pumpkin iced coffee and Starbucks pumpkin spice latte
There are few flavors more potent than pumpkin to snap you into the fall mindset. Just a squirt of pumpkin flavor in your iced coffee from the Dunkin on 34th or a luxurious–mostly for the price hike, and the trek to 4th Street North–pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks can get you in an autumn state of mind.

2. Buy a pumpkin
Throw down a few bucks and buy a small, table top pumpkin from Publix or Walmart. Just sitting on your desk or kitchen counter, that cute little orange crop will be an instant reminder of all things fall.

3. Candy corn Oreos
I know, weird. So weird, in fact, that they’re actually good.  

4. Apple cinnamon air freshener
Buy it at the Dollar Tree on 34th for 99 cents. The soothing aroma is one part Michaels Craft Store, one part apple pie and a dash of apple cider.

5. Wear your riding boots with a dress
Okay, so Florida weather doesn’t necessarily lend itself to peacoats and scarves, but boots can be doable. Pair them with a cute dress to make them “Florida fall” appropriate. You’ll feel more spirit for the season if you give your feet a break from your flip flops for a while.

6. Make some homemade pumpkin bread
If you’re like my roommate, you’re already making a list of all of the raw ingredients to make it from scratch. If you’re like me, I’ll let you know Pillsbury and Krusteaz have a great box mix–just add water! Take 20 minutes out of your day and head over to the new Delta lounge kitchen to whip up a loaf. Better yet, put the mix in a cupcake tin and you’ll have breakfast muffins for the whole week…if they last that long.

7. Take a day trip
If you find yourself yearning for more than just the tastes and smells of fall, take a day trip to Sweet Fields Farm, Florida’s little slice of fall just over an hour north of Eckerd. Play fall dress up and wear boots with jeans and a t-shirt, take a hayride through a corn field and snack on candy apples and apple cider.

8. Wear fall colors
It’s hard to put down your neon shorts or your floral cardigan when its 80 degrees and sunny outside, but fall colors can be Florida friendly too. Think jewel tone and neutral colors in light, simple fabrics like cotton. Don’t know where to start? Try burgundy, it’s the absolutely go-to color this season.

A Lilly loving, pearl wearing, history buff from Long Island, NY, Elizabeth Tomaselli is a Political Science and Journalism major minoring in Marine Science and Italian at Eckerd College. When she's not teaching aerobics and pilates or editing the school newspaper, you can find her hosting Gossip Girl premiere parties or tanning on the dock with her Beta girls. She is a self-professed pink lover with a striking ability to predict storylines in movies and TV shows. Aside from her adoration for Blair Waldorf and Jackie O, Liz enjoys playing tennis, dancing, and participating in family croquet tournaments at the little yellow house on Luther Place. Sometimes called the energizer bunny, she can function on little sleep, however, often requires coffee and Light & Fit yogurt to stay productive. With a big smile and curly brown hair, this senior plans to take over the world, one expensive shoe at a time.
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