Greg Reilly '14: Golf Star

Gregory Reilly: Golf Star

By: Tia Hildebrandt




Standing: Senior

Major: Journalism concentration through creative writing with a minor in political science

Hometown: New Canaan, Connecticut

Post-graduation plans: Pro golfer

Gregory Reilly. Does that name sound familiar? It should.  Not only is he the associate editor of Eckerd’s newspaper, The Current, but he is also an active member of Eckerd’s golf team.  After attending the College of Charleston, Greg realized that he was in need of a new plan for the future.  His grades were less than stellar, he was injured and not allowed to play on the golf team, and he was not involved with the college’s newspaper.  It would be an understatement to say he was distracted.  Originally accepted to Eckerd out of high school, he was not reaccepted as a transfer from College of Charleston.  Determined to get on the right track, Greg took matters in his own hands and met with John Sullivan, Eckerd’s Dean of Admissions, convincing him to allow him to become a member of the Eckerd Community.  After personally interviewing him, I understand why Mr. Sullivan agreed to his acceptance.  His down-to-earth vibe and kindness explain why he is this week’s Campus Celebrity!

Journalism seems to be in Greg’s blood.  He informed me that his father is the editor of The Stratford Star, a newspaper local to his hometown in Connecticut.  Thus, he got into journalism via influence from his father.  He loves writing for The Current because it gives him the chance to talk to the Dean and get the dirt on the campus.  Not only does Greg like being in the loop, but he also enjoys the company of other writers on the newspaper.  “They are intelligent and fun to be around,” he says.  Additionally, his girlfriend is the editor of the paper, and he likes that editing and writing for The Current is something they share.  He tells me though, that journalism is only his backup plan.  His real passion is golfing, which explains why his goal is to become a pro-golfer after graduation.

Golfing has always been a part of Greg’s life.  Both his mom and uncle play, but he did not really get his start until he was a junior in high school.  Being second on Eckerd’s golf lineup, he is obviously a big part of the team.  He feels that “we have potential to go to the National Champs this year.  We’ve gone to the regionals the last two years.  Last year we were there and did not play great.  We have two new guys in the line-up, and they are getting their feet wet.  I am hoping they will pick it up a bit.”

How does he balance his time with such big roles in both Eckerd’s newspaper and golf team?  Greg makes daily to-do lists and schedules every part of his day.  His lack of discipline before becoming a part of the Eckerd family has taught him to know his limits and manage his time well. 

Even though Greg has not attended Eckerd for all four years, it is clear he is a big part of the Eckerd Family!