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Craft Corner: How to make a glitter tumbler!


So this week not only did I work with glitter, but I also recycled!  I had this double walled insulated cup…and it broke L but instead of throwing it out, I just reinvented it and made it even better.  I tackled the glitter cup craft this week, and it was super fun!

What you need:

  •  Double walled insulated cup (preferably one that is designed to come apart)
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Paintbrush

To start off I took the outside layer of the cup (the layer that your drink would not go in), and put a small amount of the mod podge in it.  Then I rolled the cup around to begin coating the inside of the cup with the mod podge.  Once I got a decent amount covered, I then used the paint brush to cover the remaining areas of the cup.



Once I had that portion all finished up, the fun part started—pouring the glitter in!  When putting the glitter in you want to make sure that you put in more than you think to cover all of the cup.  Once the glitter is in, you just roll the cup around like the same way with the mod podge to get all of the glitter to cover all of the cup.  Once that’s all finished up, pour the remaining glitter out of the cup and let for the glue to dry! (I waited overnight) 


And there you have it! A glitter tumbler cup!

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