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Cliff Lezark


Why did you come to Eckerd College? Cliff is double majoring in marine science and computer science. He came to Eckerd because they provided him with an exemplary opportunity to work with Professor Barber and continuing the work he did the previous year at school and Cuttyhunk island.

What is your favorite spot on Eckerd College? The art building by bininger looking over the chapel pond is my favorite spot.

Do you want to travel abroad? The summer before he came to Eckerd he went backpacking through the cities of Italy with his grandfather. He would love to go back to Trieste in the farther northeastern corner of Italy. He said there were tons of old magnificent castles!

Do you have any hobbies? I like playing music (especially guitar), listening to music, live music, writing, and photography

What is your favorite Band? Cliff went to sunfest in West Palm beach and his favorite band there was Awolnation but he also loves Snarky Puppy

What is Aquaponics and your involvement in it? Aquaponics is the implementation of recirculating hypotonic system combined with fish tanks. It is essentially taking the concept of growing plants and throws it out the window and only takes the plant back, not the soil. Only growing plants with water and seeing how they grow. Hydroponics have been in use for a looong time and the plants surprisingly grow better with less water.

What did you do in Cuttyhunk Island? Cliff worked with professor Seth Garfield of Cuttyhunk island selfish company on a commercial kelp inquiry

Who is your favorite author? David Foster Wallace a modern fiction writer and journalist. His favorite piece by him is A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again

What are you most looking forward to about next year? Getting a chance to try all the things Eckerd offers without the timidness and amaturness that freshman year has

What are your plans for the summer? Cliff will be going back home to RI for the rest of May and then will be coming back to Florida to work in June and then in July he will be moving out to Austin TX to work on an aquaponic shrimp farm.