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Campus Fashionista: Aya Matsunaga

Aya Matsunaga, a freshman from Tokyo, always looks presentable. When told she had been nominated as a campus fashionista, Aya was surprised. "I don't think I dress really nicely, compared to my sister, I barely dress up at all!"

When asked about who inspires her, no specific people came to mind but she definitely thinks it's important to look nice. "In Tokyo, when going out in public, you should try to look nice."

All fashionistas have a favorite item in their closet, "mine would probably be my Steve Madden sandals," says Aya. Her favorite event to get dressed up for is a shopping trip back home, "when going shopping in Tokyo, I try to look my best. You need to try to get the attention of the store associates, it makes you feel like you 'belong' to the store."

Friends will often find Aya wearing a blazer over a t-shirt, since Aya says, "when you have a blazer, it sharpens the whole outfit." Aya admits she doesn't usually shop in specific stores, she just looks around and finds what she likes, but she will admit she often enjoys looking in vintage clothing shops. And her favorite nail polish? "I'm not really a waitress" by O.P.I.

Biggest Fashion Faux Pas is wearing black (paired with navy or brown) or shorts that are too short.
Most common splurge: Shoes. "I would love to steal Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe, just because of her shoe collection."

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