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Another Man’s Trash atThe Chicago Improv Festival

Another Man’s Trash atThe Chicago Improv Festival

By: Julia Tanquary

Eckerd’s very own Improv group, Another Man’s Trash, has qualified to participate in the Chicago Improv Festival. Another Man’s Trash, AMT, auditioned for the festival in December by sending in an uncut, unedited film of their December show. Geoffrey Fella says that he and the team are excited to participate in the festival that includes Improv teams that have been performing for more than ten years. This year the Chicago Improv Festival, CIF, decided to accept twenty additional groups but this means each group only performs once.

Select members of AMT are performing Friday April 4th at 9 pm; the performers include, Andrea Petruccelli, Chris Higgins, Cole Laddusaw, Colton Thomas, Geoffrey L Fella, Jamie Auer, and Thomas Ogg. The newest members of AMT, Karl Mitchell, Carlo Lombardi, Robert Musci, and Paul Kovar ,will attend the festival but will not perform in the show. AMT is thrilled to perform in a show hosted by former AMT member Dylan Carey. As of now, AMT is almost certain that they will be performing the Vignette form of Improv as opposed to the Montage form that they perform for most Eckerd shows.

The main difference between these two forms of Improv, Montage and Vignette, is the length of each scene. According to Geoffrey Fella, the Montage form is more theater oriented and consists of many short “games” that may or may not be related. On the other hand, the Vignette form of Improv is focused on a “longer” game. Instead of quickly swiping the scene to end it after the audience laughs, the scene continues by one player “tapping” another player out of the scene. Typically, vignettes last about fifteen minutes and allow for more character development. In Geoffrey Fella’s opinion the Vignette form is better suited for shorter shows. The latter, Montage, which is what we typically perform, features non-connected scenes which get swiped at their end. 

Be sure to wish AMT luck and safe travels before they leave on Thursday. The group will be departing early Thursday morning and returning to campus Sunday. Another Man’s Trash is grateful for all the donations and the support of ECOS.

Find out more about the Chicago Improv Festival and Another Man’s Trash here.







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