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Angel Shots Save Lives

Have you ever been on a really bad date, and you just don’t know how to get out of it?  Have you ever just had that gut feeling that you really need to leave that guy at the bar? Well, the Iberian Rooster Restaurant in downtown St. Pete has come up with a solution- order the “Angel shot,” which actually isn’t alcohol at all.

In the women’s bathroom, they have the following sign on the stall doors:

Here’s what you do: Order an angel shot “neat” and the bartender will escort you to your car. Order it with ice and the bartender will call you a taxi or Uber. Order the shot with lime and the bartender will call the police.

This new code is very similar to the “Asking for Angela” movement in the U.K. This movement was created by the Lincolnshire Rape Crisis, which provides support for women in and around London. Their bathroom sign looks like this:

Between the new culture of online dating and the basis of many relationships, even nonromantic ones, relying on the internet- the rise of date rape drugs, harassment, and just unwanted attention has created a new level of fear for women.  This new system is just one step in improving and aiding the movement against rape culture. 

Reagan is a junior at Eckerd College who hopes to work in wildlife conservation ,and eventually become an environmental lawyer. She is majoring in Biology & Environmental Studies and minoring in Coastal Management and Sustainability. Some of her favorite things include hiking, spending time with her family, and any activity on the water.
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