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Will We Ever Be Too Old for an Easter Egg Hunt?

 Will we ever be too old for Easter egg hunts? Two words: definitely not!

I love Easter egg hunts and throughout my childhood I participated in many, frantically running around the garden in search of chocolate eggs.  As a child, an Easter egg hunt is fabulous.

Although my brother and I are now in our later teenage years, we still insist that our parents hide chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday.  Previously, the hunts have always taken place in the garden, yet in recent years, we have taken to having Easter egg hunts indoors, which in my opinion is much more fun!  I believe that an especially wet Easter Sunday changed the location and since then it has remained this way.  Eggs hidden insides mugs in the cupboard, eggs in amongst proper eggs in the fridge, on top of picture frames, in the utensils drawer, the list goes on of the places where the eggs have been hidden.

My brother and I are fiercely competitive with one another, and Easter egg hunts are no exception, only serving to ignite our determination to thrash the other in the number of eggs that we find.  We bolt around the house, occasionally pleading with our parents to give us clues, opening cupboard doors and drawers and subsequently ramming them shut again.  The winner is usually magnanimous and the eggs are divided equally, though sometimes an egg is found a month later when a particular mug is plucked out the cupboard!

This year, despite the summatives that I must write and the exam revision that we must both complete, I will ensure that we have an Easter Egg Hunt once more.  For me, it is a trip down memory lane to my childhood, and though I will be celebrating my 20th birthday this Easter, there is not a chance that we will be skipping this tradition!

I will never be too old for an Easter egg hunt and I hope that you will not be either.

I wish you all a very happy Easter!

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