Will Farr: Both a Beauty and a Beast


Name: Will Farr

College: Grey

Subject: Ancient History and Archaeology



Describe yourself in three words corresponding to your initials!

Winging-it, Joyful and Friendly!

Which Disney character are you most like and why?

In all fairness, I don't know all that much about Disney, but I'm probably most like the Beast in terms of appearance…

Ok so you’ve obviously got a great deal of facial hair. Give us the secret to your facial hair routine!

Far too many processes. I have to trim it at least twice a week, comb it, shampoo it. Do far more for the beard than I've done for my hair. Ever.

In your opinion, what’s your best feature and why?

My ears... Always used to be told I had very nice ears. Not exactly the sort of feature that turns most people on, like I’ve never heard of an ear fetish. If you like beards, however…

What’s your favourite club in Durham and why?

Jimmy's, because it's basically an extension of Grey Bar. Every night Grey get a shout-out and there are always people from Grey there. Free entry always helps, and loads of socials tend to stop by there. Also, I’m on my 7th consecutive night-out this week now. I could keep going!

Paddy’s or Urban Oven?

Well basically I get special service at Paddy's as a regular, don't even need to say anything, they see my face and they're like "The usual, Will?" But then the pizza at Urban Oven is, in my opinion, the food of the gods, so I think Urban Oven tips it...just!

What was your favourite moment of Freshers Week?

Probably the one night where we all went on a Noah's Ark Boat Party, as a multitude of animals that definitely weren't on Noah's Ark. Unicorns, fish... It was great going through all the fog along the river and I met so many great people. Unforgettable night.

Ok then, so what was your biggest regret of Freshers Week?

Newcastle night. Ended up outside Digital in a metal blanket before getting back and then falling asleep in the welfare room. So yeah, that was Newcastle night. Another unforgettable night but for very different reasons.

Her Campus Durham are holding a Mental Health Awareness Week – what do you think about the welfare services at your college and at Durham in general?

I think they're awesome! Grey Welfare know me quite well after Newcastle… they were great. What I lost in dignity, I gained in respect for them. They're the wise people in college and across uni who look after all of us, and are vital at Durham.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

Hopefully still at Durham, can’t ever see myself leaving here. Already dreading leaving in three years!