The Ultimate Night In

To be honest, my motivation to trek through the cold to a very sweaty Durham club already began to dissipate towards the end of first term. As a result, I rediscovered my appreciation for the cozy indoors of college and with it the beauty of nights-in. While nights-in often comprise catching up on some much needed sleep, sometimes it’s fun to make an event out of it. Here are my six tips for your ultimate night in:

1. Mood: Get out the fairy lights, pillows, blankets, PJs, maybe even make a fort — the comfier the better! 

2. Food: You can’t have a night in without fuelling yourself for the intense couch-potatoing to come. Popcorn’s a must. Check out the deals on JustEat. Otherwise, Dominos can never go wrong. 

3. Friends: Staying in doesn’t mean you are doomed to solitude. Invite people to your humble abode — maybe they can even pitch in on the Winter Survival Deal you just ordered. 

4. Movies and Shows: It’s the classic thing to do but what’s a night in without binge-watching your favourite shows or movies? Maybe start a new series or see some of the Oscars nominees that you’ve been meaning to watch. Check out our recent list of Netflix recommendations for inspiration!

5. Pamper: In hectic day-to-day life it’s easy to forget your skin routine or to finally repaint your nails. Make use of your night in to engage in some much-needed self-care. 

6. Disconnect: A night in can be a good opportunity to unwind and destress and I’ve found turning off my phone to be a key part of this. Without the stress of responding to messages or checking Snapchat updates, it’s easier to curl up in bed and just relax. 


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