Review: RedHanded

Are you a fan of My Favorite Murder, Casefile, or fascinated by true crime in general? A relative newbie on the block, RedHanded is a podcast hosted by Hannah and Suruthi, that covers all sorts of terrifying tales of big time serial killers, like Fred and Rose West, and lesser known cases, such as The Edmonton Killer. RedHanded is currently nominated for British Podcast of the Year and we can see why. 

At first listen, you can hear the amount of work that has gone into each episode. They do not only briefly describe the cases, but the hosts explore each one in depth, exploring different avenues and giving their own theories of how everything went down. The little side stories about the host’s lives also served to lighten up the heavy topics at hand. With 44 episodes to date, you won’t be starved for choice.

Make sure you have a listen on iTunes, acast or any other podcasting app and let us know what you think!