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Profile: Maddie Kavanagh on Mary’s DUCK Triathlon

When it came to picking one of my friends to interview about a project they were involved in, I couldn’t pass Maddie Kavanagh’s incredible efforts as part of the organisation of the Mary’s Duck Triathlon (Tri-48). As part of the team of triathletes, I had a chat with her about the organisational aspects of the event, so hopefully we can get the word out there!

What is the DUCK Triathlon?

Mary’s DUCK Triathlon, or Tri-48, is a 48-hour charity triathlon that will see two relay teams of 6 individuals from across the university competing to see which team can cover the greatest distance. The event kick-starts with a 12-hour swim at Freeman’s Quay, from 6.30am to 6.30pm on Thursday 8th June, and will then transfer to Mary’s Bar for the cycle leg, from 7.30pm on the 8th to 7.30am on Friday 9th June. From there we are heading down to Durham City Rugby Club for the 24-hour run, finishing at 9am on Saturday 10th June with Durham City Park Run. During the run leg, from 4-11pm on Friday 9th June, we will be holding a fundraising festival at the Rugby Club, including a bar, BBQ, inflatables and live music!

Where did the idea come from?

Jordan Blunsom, the co-chair for this event, came to me with the notion of doing a large-scale fundraising triathlon this year. Initially we were intending to split the triathlon up and hold the three different legs on different days, with the swim leg in first term, cycle leg in second term and the run leg post exams in the summer term. Due to admin issues, and to make our life easier, we decided to hold it as one big event in the summer term post exams, hence Tri-48 came to life! We then decided that we wanted to get as many people as possible down to support the athletes, and thought that holding a festival-style event would be a great way of doing that.

How did you pick the charities?

Young Minds is St Mary’s College DUCK’s charity of the year, picked through a college-wide vote at the start of the year. Set up to help children and young adults with mental health issues, it’s such a great cause to be supporting. In the summer term of last year, Jordan walked from Durham to the Somme, raising money for Walking with the Wounded: a charity that looks to rehabilitate and support injured military veterans, offering them long-term stability following their discharge from the forces. It’s great to be able to continue this allegiance and raise some money for two great causes.

How have you found the organisation/admin of the event so far?

It’s certainly been a challenge, but it is so rewarding to see all the work finally starting to come together – we are definitely at the exciting stage now! It’s been tough overcoming all the hurdles, and especially balancing (or attempting to balance!) admin alongside revision and exams, but it has taught me so much, especially about time management!

What is the best way for people to get involved?

The best way to get involved is definitely just to head down to our festival at Durham City Rugby Club from 4-11pm on Friday 9th June. Tickets for the evening cost £9 with a soft drink or £10 with an alcoholic drink and it promises to be a great event – you don’t want to miss out! To reserve tickets email Maddie on: [email protected].

Facebook event page (including photo sources): https://www.facebook.com/events/115947052292310/  

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