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Ope Paul-Lawal

Meet Ope, our very first Cutie from Queen’s Campus!

Name: Opemipo Oluwatodimu Afolabi Paul-Lawal

College: Stephenson

Degree: Accounting and Finance

Status: Single as a Pringle.

What do you look for in a girl?

Ope: Sense of humour, bit of intelligence doesn’t hurt…obviously you don’t want her to be cleverer than you…crap, I didn’t actually mean that. Can I take that back?

Me: No.

Ope: Well I didn’t mean it… 

Ideal First Date?

My ideal first date would be a football match, but somehow I don’t think that would go down too well with the ladies so I’ll settle for a classic dinner, that I pay for of course.

Describe yourself in three words.

Ope: Can’t really cap it to three words if I’m honest. I’m just an all round great guy.

Me: *raise eyebrows*

Ope: Obviously I meant that sarcastically.

Are Queens girls very different to Durham ones?

No, they are fairly similar, obviously there is a larger range at Duz but they are all great, lovely people.

Most embrassing moment.

Waking up naked in my best mate’s garden, giving his mum an eyeful she didn’t want to see.

Three celebs you’d like to date.

Ope: Jennifer Aniston, she’s hot. Beyonce cos of those curves and, who else is really old… 

Me: *looking completely bewildered*

Ope: J-Lo cos she’s old but still hot.

Any advice for girls on how to nab a guy?

Wear a push-up bra. Wait, did you just write that down? My sisters are gonna read this. That was a joke. I’d honestly just say, be yourself.

Best pick-up line?

Ope: I’ve got a list of them on my phone actually (proceeds to take out phone). Ah, got it: My love for you is like diarrhoea, I just can’t hold it in.

Me: Has that ever actually worked?

Ope: You’re still here aren’t you?

What’s Stockton’s night life like?

Vibrant, exciting, lots of teethless locals. Highly entertaining and very similar to Durham in the fact that you know everyone there.

Best thing about QC?

Ope: Me of course.

Me: *looking incredibly unimpressed*

Pause for a LONG time.

Ope: Errrm, the rivalry between us and John Snow? Lots of banter. Lads. Yeah.

Where are girls most likely to find you?

On the dancefloor, big fan of cutting some shapes.


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