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Meet Katie Parsloe: the new President of ‘Voices’


There are many different choirs and ensembles to get involved in whilst at Durham University, however if you’re looking for a friendly, non-exclusive choir for people of all abilities, then Katie Parsloe may have the answer for you. ‘Voices’ is a non-auditioning, whole university choir which welcomes all students regardless of experience or ability. Katie joined ‘Voices’ back in her first year in 2014 and since then she has held the positions of Secretary, joint Social Secretary and next year she will be President! She tells us, “We’re really friendly and relaxed; for us singing is all about having fun and getting to meet new people.” For people with a love of singing and those who are free on Tuesday nights, this could be the musical society for you.

Katie explains that ‘Voices’ is quite unlike a lot of other choirs in Durham for a number of different reasons. Firstly, there is no audition process to become a member of the choir – phew! Secondly, the fun and relaxed nature of the group comes across in the eclectic mix of music they sing. Some of Katie’s favourite pieces from this year have included a Disney medley and some Latin and Korean numbers! Part of the non-exclusivity theme with this choir is that members of ‘Voices’ are always welcome to put forward suggestions of what they’d like to sing. Whether you’re into Victorian Christmas carols or Caribbean calypsos, Katie and her fellow members of ‘Voices’ would love to hear your suggestions for next year.

Although singing is obviously a huge part of what ‘Voices’ do, being joint Social Secretary this year meant that Katie brought the social side of the choir to the forefront. As well as weekly meetings at the DSU, ‘Voices’ have performed at a Christmas social, at a tea party for elderly people, carolled outside the Durham Christmas Market and took part in the DSU’S ‘Arts for All’ event. Katie and her fellow Social Sec, Rosie have put on a fair few socials too, including going out for meals, tea and cake sessions, a Disney themed BBQ by the river and also putting on the weekly DSU quiz for various charities the group supports.

I asked Katie if there was any opportunity for people to go along to one of the group’s upcoming events, to get a feel for what the choir was all about. Thankfully, she said yes! On 22nd June, ‘Voices’ will be hosting a Summer Concert in Hatfield’s College Chapel, where you will get the chance to listen to them sing and also have a chat with Katie and the other members of the group. Katie told me, “We’d love for you to come along to our weekly meetings! We welcome absolutely anyone so don’t worry if you’re not a super confident singer.” It’s clear that she is sure joining ‘Voices’ was one of the best decisions she has made at university so far, so maybe this could be the choir for you too! ‘Voices’ will be at the Fresher’s Fair next academic year so keep an eye out, or alternatively, send an email to voices.society@durham.ac.uk

They’d love to hear from you! 

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