An Interview With The Exec All About Eggs

Scrambled, poached, fried, boiled, chocolate… the choice of different type of egg is endless. According to the British Egg Information Service (yes, it really egg-sists), 12.5 billion eggs were consumed in the UK just last year which is equivalent to 34 million per day, which is a whole lot of eggs. Yet, as the website reliably informs us within its FAQ section, containing every egg-related query from ‘Can I recycle egg shells?’ to ‘My children use egg boxes to make things. Is there a risk of contracting salmonella from egg boxes?’, there is no evidence to suggest that we should be restricting the number of eggs we eat. I was thrilled to read that neither the Department of Health nor the British Heart Foundation recommend a limit on the amount of eggs we consume, and further to discover that there are less than 70 calories in a medium-sized egg and that the risk of contracting salmonella from eggs or their boxes is minimal (although you should always make sure that children wash their hands before and after touching the boxes.) Therefore, I thought I’d share this huge cause for celebration with the rest of Her Campus this Easter, and spread the egg-love by asking the exec all about their egg habits and preferences.


How many eggs do you get through on a typical week?

Jess: It’s very rare that I buy eggs at uni to be honest. I’ve recently become a massive porridge fan and it’s so much quicker than making eggs for breakfast! When I’m at home, we get through so many eggs in our house because our cockapoo, Lottie, has scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning – pampered much?

Charlie: I don’t really eat eggs at uni, but when I’m at home I have them for breakfast most days of the week, so probably around 4 or 5!

Sarah: Well I always buy half a dozen free-range just in case I get an omelette-urge but it’s rare so they largely end up being donated to housemates or thrown in the bin.

Izzy: At uni I don’t eat many eggs as I am a very lazy cook (sigh), but at home I probably have eggs every day, or there abouts!

Harriet: I don’t really eat eggs at uni to be honest- my diet is basically limited to variations of pasta and jacket potatoes, not gonna lie. I probably have a couple a week back home, mainly to give my dog the empty shells to snack on though because they’re his fave.

If you could only eat one form of egg for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

Jess: Egg ‘n’ Spoon. (Not the Oreo ones, the originals are so much better).

Charlie: I love Eggs Royale – so poached eggs, smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce!

Sarah: Ones which are baked in a cake. I’m not really the biggest fan of eggs if I’m being honest with you Lily but I’d hate to miss out on being featured in one of your articles x

Izzy: That’s such a hard question…I would have to say scrambled eggs though. Gives you lots of energy and equally yummy.

Harriet: Definitely boiled egg and soldiers, just for the inner child in me. No wait- definitely chocolate eggs.  

What would your dream omelette be composed of?

Jess: I can safely say I’ve never dreamt of an omelette but if I was making one it would definitely be full of chorizo.

Charlie: Eggs, cheese, avocado, and smoked salmon!

Sarah: Really boring but probably cheese and ham and like onions, tomatoes etc. Can’t beat the classics.

Izzy: At uni I have an odd omelette that I make that is so lovely (in my opinion). It’s spinach, chorizo, feta, tomatoes and sometimes ham.

Harriet: I looooove ham and mushroom omelettes.

If you had to give up either chocolate or eggs for life, which would you opt for and why? 

Jess: I’d give up eggs, without a doubt. I need to get my chocolate fix from somewhere! I’ve recently rediscovered Rolo yoghurts, which I firmly believe are one of the key ingredients for a happy childhood.

Charlie: Hmm that’s a difficult one! I suppose it would have to be eggs, as I have such a sweet tooth!

Sarah: Definitely eggs, what kind of question is this.

Izzy: I would have to give up eggs! I do love them both, however I cannot imagine my life without Mr. Cadbury.

Harriet: Easy one! Eggs- no competition. I’m not sure I could get through my summatives without chocolate!  

What is the best Easter egg you have ever received?

Jess: A few years back my parents bought me a huge white chocolate, meringue and raspberry Easter egg. It was just so delicious and got me through a very busy, revision-filled Easter holiday.

Charlie: I was once given this massive white chocolate egg, which had all these sweets stuffed inside it and was yummy!

Sarah: I mean, I don’t want to put a downer on proceedings but my mum and dad never used to buy me Easter eggs *sobs* so mine only ever came from grandparents and family friends and that probably ended when I was about 16 so the real question is can I even remember what an Easter egg is.

Izzy: I have had some great Easter eggs, however I just absolutely love creme eggs so I feel they are hard to top for me.

Harriet: I love the personalised ones you can get from Thorntons where they will ice on a personal message-so cute! My mum treated us to those last year.

If you had children, would you be happy to encourage their creative development through the medium of the egg box?

Jess: There are so many things you can do with an egg box as a kid! I remember in Year 3 I won a prize in the decorate an Easter egg competition for my Pingu creation – I had used an egg box to form part of Pingu’s sleigh. Happy times.

Charlie: I suppose so, I haven’t really thought about my future children – at the moment just trying to get through my degree!

Sarah: Yes of course! And milk cartons/Fairy liquid bottles (like the rocket ad), I love a bit of recycled creativity.

Izzy: Yes definitely!

Harriet: Does anyone else remember the egg decorating contests in primary school?! I’m pretty sure that was the pinnacle of my creativity, so I’d definitely be down with helping make those again. 

Finally, do you have any egg-related plans for the Easter holidays?

Jess: The majority of my plans for the Easter holidays are egg-related when I think about it. The first part of the holidays will involve looking forward to eating Easter eggs, Easter Sunday will comprise of doing my Grandma’s annual Easter egg hunt in the garden and the rest of the holidays will be me eating an Easter egg one at a time after writing each paragraph of my summative.

Charlie: Not yet, I normally just have lunch with my family on Easter. I remember at school we used to have an Easter Egg hunt there which was super fun! I think we’d all enjoy it if they introduced one at Durham…you’re never too old for an Easter Egg hunt!

Sarah: Not that I’m aware of but I’ll keep you in the loop.

Izzy: Easter weekend is one filled with chocolate and family dinners. As we have a young family, there will definitely be an Easter hunt or two taking place!

Harriet: Not really, just the inevitable consumption of a copious number of Easter eggs!

A big thank you to the exec for taking the time to satisfy my curiosity concerning their usual egg activity, and here’s hoping that everyone’s Easter holidays are full of joy and eggs!