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Her Campus Durham’s Guide to Post-Exams

At this time of year we all need something to look forward to, so here’s your exclusive Her Campus Durham guide to post-exams!

1. Let’s do brunch/lunch!

Durham is the absolute queen of cities when it comes to brunchin’ and lunchin’. Our recommendations? Leonards, Lounge and Flat White – get a group together and go en masse! It’ll make that Flat White queue fly by in next to no time!  

2. The infamous all college bar-crawl…

I’ve been informed that you have to start at 2pm in the afternoon if you want to do this properly. It does, unfortunately, involve a bus ride to (brace yourselves) STOCKTON, in order to visit Stephenson and John Snow, before heading back to Durham to begin the challenge. Start with Butler and head down the hill before entering the Bailey – and finish up at Castle. Then you can decide which bar, is, indisputably, the best bar in Durham.

3. Visit other pals at uni!

Always fancied visiting Liverpool? Or Manchester? Or Cambridge? Got a friend who’s at uni at Liverpool, Manchester, or Cambridge? Then what are you waiting for? Book train tickets well in advance for the best prices, enjoy the free accommodation – and spend what you would have spent on a hotel – eating and drinking!

4. DU even row?

This year’s Durham regatta is being held on the 10/11th June, and it’s a great event. Get a picnic together (get to M&S and TREATYOSELF) and sit alongside the river, watching the annual competition. There’s something quite special about watching a boat race, with a world heritage site in the background #justdurhamthings

5. Be a tourist in your own city

Did you know Professor McGonagall’s classroom is located in Durham Cathedral? Did you know that the black staircase in Durham Castle is decorated with a series of carved pineapples? If not, get yourself to Durham Cathedral and Castle – you’ll be surprised by what you may learn!

6. Visit the botanic gardens

The botanic gardens are a simply stunning place to visit, and if it’s a beautiful day – what’s your reason not to? There’s a lovely café too, or to save money – bring a picnic and spend the day sunbathing (I promise Durham does reach temperatures appropriate for sunbathing – I’ve seen it happen!)

7. Summer Balls/Formals

If you haven’t already, get yourself a ticket to a formal or summer ball of some form! It’s a great way to celebrate the end of a (very) stressful time, and the effort that goes into organising these events is monumental – and thus, they are unmissable.

8. Explore the north!

Beamish, the seaside town of Seaham, and Newcastle are three local places I’ve visited – and absolutely loved. Look at local transport links, do a little research, and figure out where you’d like to visit. Even just hopping on the train to Newcastle for the day – there’s just so much to see and do!

9. Do something you’ve always wanted to do/try out in Durham

Rent a rowing boat for the afternoon? Have afternoon tea at Tealicious? (I’ve heard it’s phenomenal) Enjoy a spa day at the Marriot hotel? Spend the afternoon sampling locally-brewed beers at the Head of Steam? Go to the library and take out a book you’d like to read, not one you need to? Whatever it may be, go and do it – three years goes by frighteningly quickly.

10. Clear the mind – go for a walk

Lastly, take a relaxing walk alongside the River Wear – we are so lucky to have some seriously beautiful scenery in our little city, so go and appreciate it! But make sure you reward yourself with food of some kind afterwards (if you’ve not been the Court Inn for a Sunday roast then I’m sorry – but you’ve not lived)



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