HC Durham's Goals

To round off our ambition themed week, I asked some of our Her Campus Durham team what their goals are:

Danielle Cuaycong

“I hope to be able to stop my obsession with having potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Sophie Jones

“I hope to get a first this year!!”

Seleste Wood

“I hope to finally attend a social for one of the many societies I signed up for during freshers'.”

Em Mansfield

“I hope to go a year without falling over/being clumsy - I have a broken arm right now so this is very relevant!”

Katy Willis

"My goal is to actually try mulled wine this Christmas, and also to go all out with gift wrapping: bows, ribbons, glitter, the lot!"

Natalie Wall

“My goal is to get a master’s degree in English.”

Lucy Woods

“I hope to spend more hours in Fabio’s than I do in lectures for the rest of the year!”

Hannah Coogans

“I hope I survive my dissertation and leave uni with a better understanding of who I am.”

Molly Walker

'My goal is to not fall over on the ice in Durham!"

Helen Clements

“I hope to always be passionate about what I do and that I am able to follow a career path that will have a positive impact on the world or the lives of others.”

Lauren Cloke

“My main goal in life is to be happy and enjoy whatever I end up doing in the future. My goal for today is that I stop watching gossip girl and start writing my summative!”