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Samuel Johnson once said, " When a man [or woman!] is tired of London, he [or she] is tired of life", and I completely agree with this statement. A few nights ago, I was walking along the Thames with a friend and saw the most beautiful sunset (see picture below) whilst walking along a bridge on my way back home. I thought to myself how lucky I am to call this vibrant and welcoming city home, and it inspired me to write an article on my favourite photo - this landscape of London!

So why have I chosen this photo of London?

I grew up here and so I have lots of fantastic memories of the capital. I went to school near St Paul's Cathedral for example, and remember seeing the Gherkin being built, and walking past the now infamous First Dates restaurant on a regular basis! Many of these landmarks are visible in this photo, and the London skyline is so beautiful particularly with the sky being tinted in pink and lilac in this sunset!

After the recent terror attacks in London and the Grenfell fire, it is touching to see how much the city has rallied together to support the victims of these tragedies, and this beauty of the city in this photograph reflects how we will not be defeated by terrorism. So many Londoners wanted to help the victims of the fire that many of the donations of food and clothes for those who lived in the Grenfell Tower block were turned away as there was not enough space for them in the donation points! 

20 year old from London currently on her Year Abroad in Paris. Follow me on Instagram for photos of Paris and other interesting things. https://instagram.com/charliecronin/
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