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HBC Cheerleading Captains: Evie McGregor and Bethany Cronin

With the Cheerleading College Finals coming up, I sat down with HBT Cheerleading Captains Evie McGregor and Bethany Cronin to learn a bit more about what preparation is needed and their thoughts on everything cheerleading has to offer!

Ok, so for those who don’t know what cheerleading is all about, give us a summary!

Cheerleading is a mixture of dance, stunting, tumbling and jumping. We also have some catchy chants and occasionally we get the pom poms out! The stunt groups are made up of a flyer, (the person who gets lifted) two sides, a back, and a front. Trust is crucial and that’s one of the reasons why everyone gets so close.

Why did you want to become cheer captains?

We both joined cheerleading in our first year, and always really enjoyed it. We’re not super into the more typical sports, but cheerleading has a growing profile in the UK and we were keen to get more people involved in it.

What is your favourite thing about cheerleading?

Everyone in Hild Bede Cheer feels like your family (as cringey as that sounds). No matter what’s happened in your day, you’ll feel better when you’ve done some cheering. From crazy nights in Ibiza to motivational facebook memes, you know HBC will never let you down.

What is the worst part of it?

When flyers fall during lifts, or the people on the ground get a bit squashed it’s quite frustrating. But then that leads to a sense of achievement when the stunts finally do go right.

Any embarrassing ‘uncheery’ moments in practice?

The flyers can frequently end up with their bums in people’s faces, leading to some serious lift group bonding…

What’s your favourite movie with cheerleading in and why?

Bring It On is the typical answer but a documentary called American Cheerleader is the true favourite among HBC. It describes the journey to nationals for two American high school teams – there is literally blood sweat and tears, but the commitment of these girls is insane. If you need convincing that cheerleading is a real sport, watch this documentary!

Cheerleaders are meant to be flirty, ever got with a boy in your kit?

Yes. No explanations needed.

Why are Hild Bede the best cheerleading squad?

We have a fully kitted out miniature mascot, we have the rowdiest socials and we definitely have the best kit (controversial we know).

What makes a good cheerleader?

Facebook Ellie Walker and you’ll see. Basically, you need to be enthusiastic, willing to give precarious looking lifts a go, and above all you have to have a great cheer smile.

If you had to be a cheerleader for one Durham Uni team, who would it be and why?

Quidditch (as long as we got to keep the broomsticks).

Does you squad have a motto?

Believe! (Again, watch the documentary, these American coaches are crazy)

What do you have to say to the stereotype of cheerleaders as ‘slutty, blonde and dumb girls’?

We really disagree with the stereotype but we think it’s changing. Cheerleading is becoming so much more popular – yes we might wear short skirts, but it’s really becoming a sport in its own right. And it’s not even just for girls – boys do it too (and they’re really good at it)!

If you could be lifted by one male celebrity, who would it be?

We’re thinking Channing Tatum, as he’s muscle-y enough to ensure you’d never get dropped, usually half naked, plus he’s even a good dancer.

And last but not least, if you had to invent a new title for your cheer team, what would it be?

The Beevies (there’s nothing like a bit of self-promotion).

Second Year English Literature student at Durham University
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