Depop 101: Creative Coin

This week is all about creativity, which can be a refuge and source of inspiration outside of academic work. Of course, doing anything in your free time is made even better if some money can be made on the side. If you fancy expanding your creative horizons, look no further than Depop.  In case you haven’t yet heard of it, Depop is an app on which you can set up your own store to sell (typically) second-hand goods. Besides the opportunity to make some money from things already laying around your space, your store can provide you with a creative outlet where you can curate and uniquely present your items. You’ll also be contributing to sustainable consumption by ensuring that clothes and items are re-used, rather than discarded. Here are some top tips for selling your items on Depop:  


Make sure to take interesting and unique photos of your items so that they stand out amongst the others. The layout of Depop is very similar to Instagram’s making it very image-focused – make sure to be noticed! Browsing the ‘explore’ page can be inspirational, (especially as you should aim to be featured on it, too); the key to standing out, however, is to add a personal touch to the inspiration you gather. This is your opportunity to tell a story through your shop and show off your style! Most importantly, the photo must be well lit – ideally in daylight. It also helps to present your items in front of a clear background where they are the sole focus. Showing the item worn is a plus; remember, styling is key to selling, and the personal element of presentation is distinctive to selling on this app. If you are selling smaller items like accessories, make sure to use some props for styling and present the item in a unique way.


The descriptions of your items should be as informative as possible. Include the brand, condition and size. If you’d like to add a personal touch, add a styling suggestion or personal connection with the item. Ideally your description should contain enough information to minimize the need for questions about your item – this saves both you and the buyer time! To maximize exposure, tag your item using related terms or brand names.


Always price your item a little higher than what you would like to receive. Everyone loves a bargain, and this rings especially true on Depop. Losing a sale because you can’t offer someone a deal is quite disappointing, so keep that possibility in mind!


Choosing how to price shipping can be tricky if you aren’t used to different parcel sizes and prices. The best way to handle shipping is to memorize prices for different categories (large letter, small parcel, etc.) and consistently offer either first class or second class shipping, unless buyers have particular requests. Flat rate shipping is also an option, but this may deter buyers due to unnecessarily high costs for smaller items. As for packaging: never buy your shipping bags and boxes at the post office! There are lots of cheap packaging options that can be bought in bulk on Amazon, which will also save you from scribbling on addresses last-minute before the post collection time. 

Personal Touch

Make use of your username and description as space to communicate who you are. Linking your Instagram helps people put a face to your name. Being friendly in your messages, leaving feedback and adding a personal touch in your parcels such as little notes can really make you stand out and help you build a base of buyers who return to your shop. Depop is a community, after all!


Be sure to reply to messages as soon as possible and ship your items within 2-3 days. To boost your items’ exposure, post items in the evening, which is peak browsing time. Once your item has been in your shop for a while, boost it so that it reappears in searches by going to ‘edit description’ and then simply saving.

Hopefully, these tips help you set up your own Depop shop so that you can start having fun styling your online space, all while making some coin. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a natural talent and start sourcing items from other places than simply your closet!