A Day In The Life Of... A Psychology Fresher

Yes, I do know about Freud. No, I can’t read your mind or “tell you what you’re thinking”. I’m not sure what you have to study to gain mind-reading powers but as far as I am aware… it’s not psychology. 

If the responses you get when you tell people you study Psychology aren’t annoying enough, how about we cast our minds back to freshers’ week when we were distributed a plethora of numbers, practical groups, tutorial groups and lectures on a yellow double sided a4 sheet of paper. I don’t know about others, but it took me a few crying phone calls to my parents and the whole of freshers’ week to figure out (just about) what my timetable was, and even now I have to think “teaching week 6- I have a 2hr lecture on Friday morning, do not forget”. I’m hoping the anxiety over missing a lecture that I didn’t know about it will disappear in due course.

These inhibitions have most definitely been outweighed by the fact that we had Amanda Ellison for our first biopsychology module. The heavy lectures were made a little lighter with her humour, and striped jumpers!

Not only are we at risk of not knowing when lectures are on, but we’re also liable to pass out on the way from the science campus up to the psychology department. It deserves its own singular sentence. Cardiac hill. In my personal opinion, it should have a more prominent name, but I’m sure by the time second year comes and I have evolved legs of steel, “cardiac hill” might just be adequate.  Park Street Bristol feels like flat land in comparison.

                                                                                              (this is me^)

Despite the aforementioned ‘flaws’, the Michaelmas term thus far has been the most enjoyable, interesting and demanding few weeks of my life. I have been welcomed into new and old areas of psychology I thought I would have no interest in, and pleasantly found I do. Although not exclusive to the psychology department, lecturers from other universities come to do talks and students are invited to go along- I didn’t realise before coming here that this opportunity was offered to students, and it is certainly something I will be utilising during my first year in Durham.

Psychology is amazing, and I know already that I am doing the right degree – even if it is 3 more years of cardiac hill! 



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