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Costume Queen: Alice Liu

As it’s Halloween in just a few days, we decided to make Alice this week’s Campus Cutie, for her amazing creepy rag doll outfit last year. 

It was great to get to know the girl behind the facepaint!


Hi Alice, tell us a bit about yourself. What year are you in, what do you study and where are you from?

 I’m 2nd year doing sociology. From China.


What is your favourite thing about Durham?

 Durham is such a peaceful and beautiful city, especially in autumn when leaves turn into all different colours. It’s just breathtaking!


What college do you go to?


(Normal Alice)

What is the best thing about your college?

 We get to live in a flat of 6, which feels like family. All rooms are en-suite, and we have big nice kitchen!! Also there is such a great view on top of the mound!!


What’s your most treasured wardrobe item?

 It’s really hard to say, I treasure everything in my wardrobe,  it’s like my wonderland. I have different styles of clothing, so it really depends on my mood how I dress everyday!


Favourite film?

 Martian!!!!! This is such an amazing movie! Everything is just so perfect, anyone who hasn’t already seen it, I would definitely recommend it.


If you were stuck on a desert island, what 3 items would you take?

Pens and notebooks to record the adventure. WATER!!

If you could be any celeb who would you be and why?

 Emma Watson, kinda need to change my race first…. She’s not just pretty, but also incredibly smart!


What do you miss most about China?

 Chinese food!!!! I’m not talking about food from Chinese takeaway or oriental buffet, but proper Chinese cooking!!! Mum’s cooking is simply the best.


What are your favourite things about England?

I like pub food, cider, pretty ancient towns, fresh air…It’s really hard to say… I’ve been here long enough that England just feels like my second hometown.


Is Halloween celebrated in your home country and if so, how?

 Well, it’s not really a traditional festival, but people started to celebrate it more and more. Normally younger generations will host fancy dress parties, but because most people live in  apartments, so it’s hard to trick or treat.


Where did you get your great costume from last year?

 Dungarees skirt and white shirt from a charity shop and converse shoes

What are your top 5 Halloween costumes?

The haunted girl/ Alice in wonderland!/ Vampire/ Wizard/ Zombie


What are you going as this year?

A buried zombie bride

I am currently in my final year of studying English Literature at Durham University, England. I am hoping to become a journalist in the future, but in the mean time, I enjoy cheerleading, fashion and travelling, and of course, being the editor of Durham's Her Campus!
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