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Campus Celebrity – Rosie Kyrke-Smith


Purple Radio broadcasts online 24 hours a day during term time, from October until June each year. It has had huge successes and is something students from Durham should be truly proud of. Last year Purple Radio was nominated for 2 national Student Radio Awards: “Best Station” and “Best Marketing & Station Sound”.

In the DSU café I meet Rosie Kyrke-Smith who is station manager for Purple Radio 2013/14 and Durham’s Campus Celebrity. You can’t miss Rosie; stacks of energy, a great South London accent and not to mention 6ft Tall.

Before you became Station Manager what were you doing?

I had my own radio show, I was in charge of training new presenters and head of broadcasting standards. I was also doing a bit of rowing and playing for netball E team for Collingwood… I am now playing football for Collingwood: proudest moment to date is scoring an accidental own goal in training!

Why did you want to be Station Manager?

I had been on the exec for a year and had been in charge of training new presenters. I really wanted to make new friends and lead the way to a brighter Purple future! Also as station manager I get to ban playing of Christmas songs before December!

What changes will you make to the station over the next year?

Ensure that Durham has a professional quality student radio show. Continue generating lots of ideas and involve more producers and keep on focusing on what students from Durham want to hear.

Why do you think Purple Radio is important to Durham?

It is a great way to communicate instantly with students at Durham. Also, the opportunities available to students are incredible: it is pretty awesome to be able to present your own radio show!

Why do you think radio is important?

It is a mode of communication that has truly stood the test of time. The number of people who listen to the radio is still increasing. It feels very personal listening to the radio, as though you’re letting someone into your life. This has also been reinforced by having radio apps on your phone; pretty much wherever you are you can listen to the radio and they can be a part of the, and any, … intimate… moments in your life!

What do you think you’d like to do with your radio experience?

I think I would like to present a radio show in the future. I get such a great buzz from doing it.

Who do you admire who is involved in radio at the moment?

Dave Kelly – presenter on capital FM; quirky, funny and hilariour.


If you haven’t listened to Purple- where have you been?! Listen here now: http://www.purpleradio.co.uk

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