Best Sleepover Party Ever: A Step-by-Step Guide

Cuffing season is here, but this doesn’t mean that you should neglect your squad.  Instead of the usual girls’ night out in Klute, organizing a sleepover with all of your best friends can be an amazing bonding experience. Staying up late gossiping may not sound as exciting as it used to when we were pre-teens, but getting to spend an extended period of time with your gal pals without the stress of everyone’s schedules is still heaps of fun. Also, you won’t have to worry about queues, closing times or spending lots of money!

The warmth of good company, your slippers and pyjamas… what else could you ask for?

Step 1: Make a Blanket Fort

You can turn your bland uni bedroom into a safe haven with the help of a couple of blankets and cushions. There is nothing cosier than a blanket fort made with lots of pillows (think “indoor camp-out”). You can also add fairy lights to make it even more homely.

Step 2: Pick Your Tunes

What is a gals’ night in without a few bottles of wine and some great songs?  I recommend perusing Spotify to find a cheesy playlist you can all sing along to. Some all-time favourites are the Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera.

Step 3: Movie or Series?

Do you want to binge-watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or re-watch 10 Things I Hate About You for the twentieth time? Netflix has amazing new shows like The Good Place you could even finish within one night. If you’re keen on a movie, everyone loves a classic chic flick like Clueless or Mean Girls. Alternatively, you could enjoy the spooky vibes of Halloween films. I definitely recommend Rocky Horror Picture Show to keep you dancing around all night long.

Step 4: Make a Pampering Schedule

If you weren’t pampering, did the girls’ night in even happen? You could get single-use packs of facemasks or even make up your own natural recipes. Here is a great one:

Calming Skin Mask

(measurements per person)

-2 tablespoons of pure honey

-1 teaspoon of cinnamon

-1 wedge of fresh lemon

If you fancy it, finish up your mini spa by doing your nails.

Step 5:  Prepare the Snacks

Popcorn and ice-cream are must-haves. Feel like surprising your friends? How about some homemade mulled wine? After all, it is almost Beaujolais season in Burgundy! Keep in mind that it is best if the food you’re serving is quick and easy. You don’t want to be trapped in the kitchen while the sleepover is happening! Don’t worry about your diet, especially during the sleepover – tonight it’s all about sharing some bonding time with your friends; no bad vibes allowed! You might also want to have a midnight feast. Avoid the queues consisting of everyone coming out of the clubs around 3 am by ordering in cheesy chips and pizza.

Whip out your onesie, it’s time to arrange a slumber party for your besties!

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