The Best Place for a Sandwich in Durham

A foodie at heart, I am always keen to discover new cafés and coffee shops in Durham. A friend and I recently paid a post-lecture visit to one of Durham’s hidden gems: Claypath Delicatessen.

As its name suggests, this cute little café is situated about half way up Claypath and is definitely one to try- be it for a girly catch-up, a cuppa whilst catching up on reading or to go for lunch when the fam visit.

A small family business established over six years ago and since winning the hearts (and tummies) of locals and students alike, the deli prides itself on serving quality artisan food, which is largely locally sourced. We were impressed by the selection of hot drinks (hot chocolates served in tea cups-how cute?!) small plates and cakes, as well as the fab customer service and the attention to detail.

I was keen to try Spanish-inspired ‘Los Muchachos’ (totes counts as Spanish revision, right?), a deli sandwich comprising of chorizo, grilled halloumi and slow-roasted tomatoes. This did not disappoint-the tang of the tomatoes complimented the creamy texture of the halloumi perfectly and left me feeling nicely full for the rest of the day of classes. My friend opted for the classic grilled cheese deli sandwich, made from homemade bread which she tells me was delicious, alongside mint tea served in a cute tea set.

Whilst chain-style lunch-spots are fab, it can often be worth broadening our horizons to the small local businesses on our doorstep, which often provide a more authentic and unique experience. Opening six days a week with quirky decor and a very relaxed feel, why not shake up your lunch routine and pay a visit to our very own much-loved Durham deli?