5 Ways to Decorate Your Uni Room

5 Ways To Decorate Your Uni Room

Having a space away from other people where you feel both content and comfortable is oh-so-important when you’re at university. Whether you’ve approached your *gulp* final year, like me, or have just moved into college, an aesthetically pleasing uni room is essential to any student’s life. Here are a few easy – but hopefully creative – tips to get you started on making your uni room more like your home.

  • Blankets, throws and all things soft

Kicking this list off to match the increasing autumnal weather seems appropriate. Blankets, throws and cushions are an easy-peasy way of getting your newly dressed uni room ready for the colder months. Stick to a colour scheme, or choose what sort of vibe you want your room to have, and make that all important shopping trip to Primark or Wilko’s; I would especially recommend Primark’s homeware at the moment. They have rose gold candle holders, mini fake plants and the cutest hot water bottle covers that are bound to make you cosier than ever on the approaching wintery nights.

  • Books

An unusual one, I know. Books can’t be décor, I hear you say. As an English Lit student, I can assure you they can be. They are the simplest form of décor because you can put them anywhere and they fit right in. Placed neatly on a shelf? Look at how intelligent and organised you look! Piled high on your desk? Look at how into your work you are! On your windowsill with a plant placed on top? How cutesy and environmentally friendly you are! For real though, as students we always have so many books in our room, so we may as well fill all the little nooks and crannies with them. I don’t even mean just books for your course either. Bring a few favourites from home that you can read in your spare time (laughable, I know) or on an evening before bed. Colour-coordinate them on your shelves or put them next your bed amongst a lamp, a candle, some incense, and create a cosy space that also adds a little bit of “you” to your room. Books are very aesthetically pleasing and have so much to offer in terms of styling your room.

  • Greenery

I’ve found that greenery really helps to make a room fresher and brighter. Fake or real, whether you just want something to fill up a space, or you’re really into plants, greenery is an interesting type of décor to add to your room. It can open up an otherwise enclosed room and add a lot of natural colour. There’s something really lovely about bringing something from the outside indoors and I find the natural look of a plant in a room quite relaxing.  

  • Get personal with posters, polaroids and postcards

The poster sale that is sometimes held outside the SU is the perfect opportunity to tend to all your decorative needs. It has artwork, movie posters, very relatable quotes – I have one that says, ‘coffee makes everything better’ – and they even sell blue tac. If you’re not a poster fan try the app Lalalab, to print out your own photos as polaroid pictures, or buy some vintage postcards and attach them to some string with little pegs and hang them on your wall. I think it is really important to make your room as personal as you can so that it can be a place you look forward to spending time in. Obviously it will also be the place where you do your work – unless you prefer to camp out in the library every day – but it is equally important to view it as your place of solitude.

  • Fairy lights are a must

Whether you want time to wind down at the end of the night or you just really love Christmas, fairy lights are the perfect addition to any uni room. Place them around your mirror, dangle them above your bed, or let them rest on your windowsill. Alternatively, use fairy lights instead of string to hang up photos, and drape them across your wall. They look really great if you’re looking for that ambient setting, or if you want to add a warm glow to a gloomy autumn evening. If you’re looking for an even more Pinterest-worthy way to spice up your décor why not try collecting jam jars, put some string lights in them and dot them around the room? You’ll have your own magical lamps in seconds. It’s quick, easy and will make your room look so snug. Tick, tick, and tick!

So hopefully these 5 décor tips will give you a little bit of an idea about how creative you can get with your new uni room. The most important thing is to personalise it to your own style. You’ll only be in it for a short period of time so make the most of it and get decorating!



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