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10 Lessons We Learnt From Disney

Exam term has started and we’re all terrified. So why not treat yourself to a Disney movie every now and again? We can learn some pretty big life lessons from our favourite childhood movies!

1. NEVER RUN FROM YOUR MISTAKES…face them head on and see them as a lesson rather than a regret 

2. Princess Tiana taught us that NOTHING IN LIFE COMES EASY and anything worth wanting is worth fighting for 

3. EMBRACE YOUR INDIVIDUALITY! Sure, Dumbo was laughed at by all the other elephants, but his ears made him fly…which is a pretty nifty talent. 

4. Cinderella’s ‘there one minute gone the next’ ball gown, carriage and chauffeurs shows us how MATERIAL THINGS ARE TEMPORARY BUT NOBODY HAS THE POWER TO TAKE AWAY YOUR DREAMS. 

5.When we watched Peter Pan, we realised the sad reality that growing up is inevitable, but it also showed us how we should never be afraid to EMBRACE OUR INNER CHILD! 


6. Timone and Pumba taught us to CHILL and not take life too seriously, because its important to enjoy the ride. Hakuna Matata! 

7. ACCEPT YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE (don’t go through the same rigmarole as Mulan did- dressing up as a man, going to war, almost getting killed and all those shenanigans). Luckily we’ve got the movie to teach us that acceptance is key to our happiness! 

8. Hercules and Meg showed us the power that holding on to hurt and betrayal can have on you. Meg’s a real tough cookie but she also shows us that its important to NOT ISOLATE YOURSELF FROM THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU. 

9. BEING A LADY HAS GOT SOME GREAT PERKS. The sassy Marie from The Aristocats has got the right idea about being a woman…and mostly that involves getting her own way. 

10. Finally, Disney has taught us that true worth and BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN OUR HEARTS, it is not defined by our appearance. 

2nd year English lit student
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