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Romanticize Your Life…With Dark Academia!

Sometimes it’s necessary to romanticize your life…

…Because the reality of college is late night cramming for tomorrow’s exam. Sitting under bright LED lights in a poorly-funded library with a headache coming on from all the caffeine that was chugged in the past hour. Papers are decorated in tears and coffee stains. The rest of the world sleeps while you tear your hair out trying to memorize different parts of the nervous system before morning.

Sometimes, reality is not so great. Especially in times such as these, it’s almost necessary to imagine a more romanticized version of life, so… maybe try to imagine a dark academia life! 


Imagine being a highly educated scholar bundled in the library of a place that is reminiscent of Hogwarts or the University of Edinburgh. (By the way, playing classical music, and wearing sweaters are a must.) Book shelves are filled with knowledge–it’s a safe haven. The strong desire to learn results in long nights spent at the library. Upon finally leaving the library, don’t forget to burrow into a large trench coat and a wool scarf. Then, finish the night off by reading a good book underneath the glow of candles. 

This dark academia imagination can become a reality. 

Make a Pinterest board. Wake up early and grab a latte from a local coffee shop. Dress like a poet. Become immersed in classical music. Occasionally, allow reality to be all-consuming in order to push through the worst. 

If  the life of a romantic, a poet, or a scholar resonates then, make life about it. Those LED lights can turn to candles if one only sets his or her mind to it.

Let’s start romanticizing higher education.

Events Coordinator at Duquesne University
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