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Yesterday afternoon, American citizens watched in horror and disbelief as violent rioters, otherwise known as Trump supporters, descended upon the U.S. Capitol. 

In the ensuing chaos, the ceremonial counting of electoral votes was halted, and House Representatives and Senators alike were rushed to safety as these Trump supporters smashed windows, ransacked desks, and clashed with Capitol police. 

Amidst exasperations and exclamations of “How could it come to this!?,” one phrase--brief, yet poignant--remains steadfast.  

“Democracy Dies in Darkness”

First uttered by Bob Woodward in 2015, the phrase soon became the slogan for the widely-circulated newspaper known as the Washington Post

With that slogan in mind, let’s make one point clear. 

America’s democracy will most certainly not die in darkness (if at all). 

As the special reporting of yesterday’s events show, American reporters will not allow for our democracy to silently crumble at the hands of oppressors. If anything, they will broadcast and shout from the rooftops about unprecedented assaults on American democracy. 

They deserve the highest praise for that. 

By simply doing their job, reporters are allowing these broadcasts to speak for themselves and show not only the consequences of a polarized America, but also the urgency of American unity. 

Finally, as the silent majority sits in stunned silence, we all know one statement to be true. 

America is better than this. 

Now, our democractic processes and our strict watchdog-like regulation of them  matter more than ever. Regardless of political party, electoral processes and other such processes must occur in a dignified and calm manner. 

Nothing is ever accomplished with violence. 

Soon, the dust will settle on yesterday’s events, and the incoming administration will begin their efforts to restore and unite the American people. 

While the future is unpredictable, there is hope within it. 

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