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You Can Do It: That End-Of-Year Push!

It’s that weeklong period between you and summer. One week…that’s it! That can’t be too hard right? If you’re one of the Positive Polly’s of the bunch that has been assuring yourself of this, you should maybe start to rethink your optimism. After all, it IS finals season and the beautiful weather is practically screaming your name, but teachers decide to jam-pack the end of the semester with term papers and projects, and, of course, exams. Here’s a list of thoughts that we all encounter at some point in this jam-packed, high-pressure week:

1.     I really want to eat healthy! Gotta get that bikini bod ready, plus my mom “subtly” hinted that I got fat -_____-


2.     But, like, it’s finals week. So I can eat a cookie if I want, right?

3.     …Or two…

4.     …Or the whole freaking box. LEAVE ME ALONE!

5.     Now that I can barely move, maybe I should work out.

6.     Somehow I made it to the gym…forgot that I actually have to move here.

7.     It’s been a solid 15 minutes. I’m calling it a day. Peace, gym.

8.     Since I cut my workout short, I should really use this time to do some studying for finals.

9.     Cue Netflix.

10. Cue next episode of Netflix.


11. WHAT. How has it been 5 hours?!?!?! Begin frantic studying and essay-writing.

12. It’s getting late, I should have dinner.


13. But I’m too lazy to move.14. Good thing I have a bag of chips in my room…

15. I can do this! I’m gonna ace this final!!!!!!

16. Wait, this question is really hard….I don’t get it….pretty sure we never even learned this?!?

17. ***Shuts computer dramatically***

 18. Screw this, I’m done studying for the night.

19. ***Reopens computer to watch Netflix***

20. I’ll study tomorrow….

Happy Finals Week, everyone! Don’t let the stress get to you, and enjoy your last few days of the semester! Remember, it’s okay to slip from healthy eating habits if you’re feeling stressed, but try to treat your body right with foods that will give you energy and workouts that will keep you feeling alert and focused. You can do it

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