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When in Florence…Do as the Italians Do

We’ve all heard the famous saying, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. But, what does it really mean? Does it mean following the trend of what others are doing, no matter how unfamiliar it may be? Or is there more behind these famous words than we think?

Entering junior year, many big questions haunt us: should we take the MCAT, the LSAT, the GRE, or wait until we’re about a million times more sure before we open any practice books? Should we continue down our current career path? Do we stick with what we know, or do we try something new? While it’s true we eventually need to answer these scary questions, for the time being, we should enjoy the present moment. I’ve learned that it may reveal more about the future than we bargained for.

I hope that my posts will be filled with ways to alleviate some of that future-oriented stress by taking a hint from the Italians on how to live simply. It’s time to take a break from the stressful, competitive environment of Duke where landing your “dream job” consumes the life of a Duke student. In Italy, people remember to enjoy the simple pleasures, like cooking and getting dressed with style. After all, when we’re ninety and looking back on our lives, wouldn’t it be nice to smile instead of hiding the scarring memories that stressed us out to our very cores? For me, it’s a simple answer. And it’s not only simple because I’m in Italy and everything’s simpler here, but also because I’m beginning to realize how important it is to balance a hectic life with a calming mind.

Here’s a look at what’s to come as I explore ancient ruins and modern marvels!

  • How the Mediterranean diet provides major health benefits.
  • Could you see yourself living and working as the Italians do?
  • How the way you view art can tell you about yourself
  • Is olive oil the key to everything from glowing skin to the perfect addition to any meal?
  • And of course, learning how to say a few things in Italian!

That’s it for now, but remember to breathe and enjoy your life in the present!


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