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Ways to Bond with Your Girlfriends

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in college is how important your girlfriends are. Having a great group of girls that love and support you can make a huge difference in your happiness and success in life. Who else besides your closest girlfriends can you call at three in the morning to help you analyze a cryptic text message from the guy you like? Or agree to split a milkshake at the Loop with you after you received a bad grade on your midterm? Friends who are there for you no matter what are such a blessing. However, college life can be so hectic that it often becomes difficult to spend time with your girlfriends. And when you do have a spare moment, often the go-to activity is just grabbing a quick bite to eat. Here are some new ways to have a great time with your girlfriends and mix up your routine a little.

Have a game night: I love playing board games with my friends—especially when we’re all in need of a chill night after a long school week. My favorites are Banana-grams, Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. These games may sound cheesy, but they’re guaranteed to generate some laughs and moments to remember.

Carve pumpkins together: This classic fall activity is a great way to exercise your artistic talents while bonding with your girlfriends. Whether you want to create a classic scary face or a detailed picture on your pumpkin, it’s super fun to make a mess together and reminisce about childhood Halloween memories.

Make a meal: Working together to create a delicious dinner can be tons of fun, too. Even if you’re not a pro in the kitchen, there are plenty of easy recipes that you and your friends can make with little time or effort. I love getting all my friends together to make pasta with garlic bread. It’s fun to make the dish and then getting to actually eat it is an added bonus. 

Visit a trampoline park: Organizing a trip to a trampoline park with your girlfriends can be a lot of fun as well. It will definitely generate some laughs as you and your friends bounce around and relive your childhood trampoline days. It’s also a surprisingly good workout!

Visit a haunted house or corn maze: If you’re not too scared, visiting a haunted house or corn maze is a great activity for you and your girlfriends. It’s a fun way to celebrate fall while making memories—especially if you can get some hilarious videos of your friends jumping in fear.

Have a themed movie night: You can also get your girlfriends together for a movie or TV show marathon (complete with tons of popcorn, candy, and cookies, of course). Nothing can bond people together like mutual love for fictional characters. My favorites for movie nights are marathons of movies like Bring It On or classic TV shows like Gossip Girl or Gilmore Girls

Try out some of these ideas to have some laughs with your girlfriends. College can be so stressful, but having a great night with friends that you love will definitely put you in a good mood. 

Freshman at Duke University! I love my friends, running, buying things I can't afford, and watching Gossip Girl.
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