Wake Me Up When January Ends

Thesis: January is the worst month of the year.

I. New Years

The whole New Year's resolution thing is a sham. Even with simple resolutions—mine is documenting more of my year—expectations are too high, and people become discouraged when they slip up within the first week. There is nothing wrong with self-improvement, but there is something odd about expecting radical change in a month like January.

II. Holidays

Coming off of the holiday high is tough. I’m broke and bloated. I forgot how to take notes. I’m back in a twin-sized bed. And the next holiday we have to look forward to? Valentine’s Day.

III. The Weather

I thought it wasn’t supposed to get cold in North Carolina? I have too much pride to admit it’s actually cold though. Let’s say the weather is not ideal.

IV: Misc

In all seriousness, something just isn’t right. Maybe it’s rush, personal things, or coming back from home, but I and others around me seem to be more sensitive, anxious, and unhappy than before. Adjusting back to Duke has proven to be more difficult than it should be. That could be from expecting it to be so painless, but I do feel like I’ve lost my footing a bit. I hoping I’m not alone in this.

The Remedy:

“The Bachelor” is on every monday night.

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